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Views: (6725) | Comments: (6) | 2010-06-03
Added by: McFluff

Get ready to take off and fly in to the clouds whit a new plane that was made by SgtColbert.I suggest that you use this mod only if you know how to use it (you understand bfh modding).

(Warning: This mod will make Battlefield heroes multiplayer unplayable)

Download it here:

Views: (1080) | Comments: (9) | 2010-06-02
Added by: McFluff

Hello heroes we are looking for two editors (editorials) to add to our team.Please post in the comments and tell me if you would like to be a part of it. Your job would be to post interesting news on the website.

Also we are looking for two mods to add to our team.Post in the comments if you would like to be one.

Views: (1209) | Comments: (0) | 2010-06-01
Added by: McFluff

A new contest is  here.

So what do i have to do?
This contest will be about designing the top part of the website.(The part were the soldier currently is)

Any prizes?
Yes ofcourse, the prize will be two Dr.Pepper codes, if you want you can donate more.
The Dr.Pepper codes were donated by Collin.

Find out more on the Contests topic here:

Views: (969) | Comments: (0) | 2010-06-01
Added by: McFluff

So what was updated?
-The forum is now much larger.The space issue has been resolved.
-Guestbook was removed.
-File manager was renamed to "Mods".
-Off topic forum has been added.
-Publisher was renamed to "articles".
-The logo was updated.

So now the forum has been updated and made much larger resolving the space problem, it might not look as nice now but i hope you will be happy whit it.

Discuss this in the comments.

What to suggest something that should be added improved, go to Discussion.

Views: (1032) | Comments: (0) | 2010-05-31
Added by: McFluff

To keep the website fresh and to put your pretty art in, a new contest will make it's way here.The contest will lest for about the next month.You will be able to find out more tomorrow after the update.So get ready to make some pretty art.

Views: (1049) | Comments: (1) | 2010-05-31
Added by: McFluff

Finally some new content is almost here, new emotes and golden weapons, clothing is almost here, and it's awesome, if you have money to spend that prepare for an interesting summer in battlefield heroes.

And it is nice to see that they finally got a voice actor and some nice looking animations in their promotion videos.


It's football season and the world has gone crazy once more, thankfully for you "sane" Heroes...
Yeah that about sums it all up..

Views: (1005) | Comments: (0) | 2010-05-31
Added by: McFluff

We will be updating this website tomorrow at yet unknown time.The update will be going for an hour in that hour the website will be inaccessible.

What will be updated?
-Forum design ( I am not 100% sure that it will work so maybe we will be going back to the old one)
-Blog and guestbook will be removed due the lack of user views.
-File catalog and Publisher will be renamed.
-And few other smaller things.

Views: (996) | Comments: (2) | 2010-05-30
Added by: McFluff

This week is getting a bit boring because of the lack of any mod related news and i didn't want to do another modding round up just yet, so to fill up my time i decided to make a BFHMods You tube channel, and a new Bfhmods Media logo to celebrate it.

And yes that the logo might be a little bit weird, but no i am not going to remake already took be about an hour.

Our youtube channel:

Views: (1113) | Comments: (3) | 2010-05-28
Added by: McFluff

Modding round up - 1. Part 2

Enhanced map lighting.
This mod was made by
MagnumForce51, showing us how much more awesome night maps could have looked if only the developers wouldn't be so lazy.
Find the awesome shiny lights here:


Not exactly a bf heroes mod but still isn't it just awesome. A bf 1942 mod that makes it look and feel like bfh. This mod was also made by  MagnumForce51 ... Read more »

Views: (1190) | Comments: (15) | 2010-05-27
Added by: McFluff

Something pretty strange was reported by one of our members today, a picture were lowlands all was covered in snow and two soldiers were standing frozen.
So what do you think happened?Post your version.

Picture was reported by guido958:

New pictures.

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