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Views: (1062) | Comments: (1) | 2010-08-03
Added by: McFluff

The battlefield heroes team have finaly come up whit a name for their newest map "woodlands" now known as....

Alpine Assault
Suggested by - ::Sharp::

"After many shared hours spent on sifting through the thousands of suggestions we have come to a decision and picked out a legendary name. With all the "assaults" that are exchanged on each flag point and more that shall come soon.."

"No matter your class, no matter your vehicle skill and no matter the flag that you fly in the air, there is only one thing to say when it comes to this map and that is...time to 'Log and load' soldiers!"

Views: (1018) | Comments: (0) | 2010-07-22
Added by: McFluff

So it seems that woodlands is officially coming to bfh, but now we need to pick a name for it.

"As we have done in the past, we are giving you, our community, the chance to think of a cool name for our new, awesome and soon to be released map (currently called "Woodlands") and you have all weekend to have your say."

Find the naming "contest" here:

And it also seems that some bugs have been fixed.Look at the new pictures they are just awesome.

"To do this you have a few options:

Option 1 - Forums
1. Reply to this thread
2. Suggest a name for the new map.

Option 2 - Facebook
1. Leave a comment on our Facebook wall located HERE!
2. Suggest a name for the new map.< ... Read more »

Views: (1968) | Comments: (4) | 2010-07-09
Added by: McFluff

A bit late on this, but there is a brand new map in the PTE called woodlands, this map looks almost finished, and it has some nice new models made for it. Unfortunately the map has no planes. Go check it out yourself.
I made a quick video of it, was exploring it whit a plane.

There is also a new game mode in the PTE, capture the flag. It's pretty fun so go check it out.

Views: (1083) | Comments: (4) | 2010-07-01
Added by: McFluff

There are few new mods that i haven't posted yet about. Here they are.

Midnight Mayhem (day)
A little mod made by myself, that turns the dark MM in to a sunnier place.The mod also disables the combat manager so you don't have to worry about the "get your ass into battlefield" message. I also made a youtube video about it:

Boats and helicopters in CC.
A mod made by EZmodz that brings boats and helicopters from battlefield 2 to heroes, now you can play them in CC. Get the mod here:

Of course there are many mods in development, you can see them in the forums. (You have to be registered to view that section of the forum.)

Donate button
You might have noticed that we have a donate button, it would be really awesome if you could donate us any amount of money, donations go towards the maintenance of the site.

Views: (1614) | Comments: (12) | 2010-06-28
Added by: Philly

Hello all, i just finished getting 4 choppers and 3 jets into 1 .rar file for you guys, so hurry up looking at here

Views: (2480) | Comments: (11) | 2010-06-19
Added by: McFluff

Today one of the battlefield heroes members by the name of HitmanMovies reported something weird to me, something that looks like an yet to be released clothing used online.Ofcourse i checked the battlefield heroes item shop, but didn't find anything like that.Maybe these are one of those clothes that were released before the open beta...So we are asking you, are these really modded clothes in game? Or is it something else.Please comment and say what you think it is.

The pictures:

Views: (1147) | Comments: (0) | 2010-06-14
Added by: McFluff

I decided that it is finally time to upgrade to a new design, this current design has been here only for a little while, but it is time to change.The new design will bring us a better way to change the design.And the new design wont be as crowded as the first one.

Ofcourse the new design will have to be updated and some of it's bugs fixed.

Views: (1197) | Comments: (6) | 2010-06-11
Added by: McFluff

Today one of the members who recived a PM from me decided to post about it on the official BFH forums, asking if it was a scam, resulting of my account (which i created today) getting banned.The guy had all the right to ask this so no one should really be mad at him.

Edit: All of the forum is now locked for guests

Views: (1119) | Comments: (0) | 2010-06-11
Added by: McFluff

There are new stuff in the PTE version of battlefield heroes such as a new ingame store, and one of our member found a strings file whit a list of new missions so hopefuly you can get to play them soon. So go check it out.

Find PTE battlefield heroes

Views: (1691) | Comments: (3) | 2010-06-07
Added by: McFluff

Few days ago it was the official launch of bfh'42 new and awesome website, so go and check it out.

If you maybe don't know what BFH'42 is, its a mod for battlefield 1942 that bring the fun and cartoony look of battlefield heroes to that game.

The mod is being made by MagnumForce51 (AKA Apache_Thunder )

Here is a gameplay video:

The website:

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