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Meet the Team Fortress 2 and Battlefield heroes love child!

I literary could spend hours writing just an intro for this to prepare you for what your about to see, but whatever I would come up with still couldn't sum it up. So I have decided to start you off with a few screneshots.

The intro so far seems harmles enough..
But wait! Whats this?

Those clouds, they seem so familiar.

Wait, when did valve reskin the heavy?

At this point you should realise that there's something awfully wrong about the trailer. And it probably has sparked many questions about this game, and its gameplay. Well, here's how the game looks.

It's hard to understand what the developers of Final combat were thinking when they decided to clone the two games. But lets analyze the scene before we jump to conclusions.

The rocket launcher should seem very familiar if you have ever played TF2, it's obviously the rocket launcher used by the soldier. The architecture and the sky used is obviously from BFH. Even the textures are the same. Even the sound effects were taken.

So what exactly the developers thinking? Who knows, the only thing that I know is that this is a must play for me, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons.

Meet the fatman trailer:
The official website: (chinese, hard to translate)
Also pardon the lateness of this post, somehow the news slipped past me.



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2013-07-25 2:52 AM
a do rei ece jogo é da ora


2013-07-25 2:45 AM


2013-01-22 8:05 PM


2013-01-21 5:35 PM


2011-08-15 1:49 AM
Oh hey if it does not bother you too much I have also made a thread about this myself on the official BFH forums. While I like certain aspects of this game, this game is quite clearly going to try and make a profit by stealing BFH content. While us modders use BFH stuff for our own projects, we have always made it free and it does not directly compete with BFH.

This is an entire game built up on stolen stuff and is obviously designed to make money and thus is stealing customers away from the official product.


2011-08-15 1:28 AM
Oh wow...Too bad I get a 403 error when I try to visit the site. sad

Perhaps the game engine is similar enough for me to convert the maps...back to BFH/BF1942. The map layout look interesting and while the assets were obviously taken from BFH/TF2, the maps them selves look original. biggrin
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