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Bfh'42 website launched.

Few days ago it was the official launch of bfh'42 new and awesome website, so go and check it out.

If you maybe don't know what BFH'42 is, its a mod for battlefield 1942 that bring the fun and cartoony look of battlefield heroes to that game.

The mod is being made by MagnumForce51 (AKA Apache_Thunder )

Here is a gameplay video:

The website:


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2010-06-29 7:59 AM
Check the website you'll find the link to the current version there. wink

Also note, v1.8 is round the corner. Unlike EA I will be a bit more specific on when I expect to have it ready. Instead of just saying "soon" like Dice loves to do, I will say it should be ready sometime in the first week of July. I'm adding additional grass to the maps (which is a bit time consuming but adds a lot to the aesthetic value to the maps wink ) and will do some quick testing afterwords to make sure there is no surprise CTDs or bugs. Hopefully I can get this all done in time for the first week of July as I mentioned.

But as with Dice, don't hang your hopes too hard on my specified release time. If there is any surprise bugs or something in my life delays my work then I could be late on that. But rest assured v1.8 is coming "soon". biggrin



2010-06-20 7:36 PM
this could turn out to be quite epic...


2010-06-08 8:30 PM
where is the link? xD
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