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Views: (7041) | Comments: (16) | 2011-11-02
Added by: McFluff

Battlefield heroes has a lot of potential for modding, but there are a lot of things holding it back, the first, and most obvious one would be the lack of support from the creators, but there's another thing holding it back, this would be the lack of knowledge about even the very basics of how modding works between the general battlefield heroes user base.

This is why we are now launching our brand new tutorials section, found here, unlike the last time, it's more filled with content. It's mission, to give the battlefield heroes players the general understanding of how to begin modding. You will find a pretty wide assortment of tutorials to help you begin, most of them have been rewritten to be more user friendly.

But as with all new additions the tutorials section might have some bugs, and small (most likely huge) amount of typos, they will be fixed eventually.

Any feedback wou ... Read more »

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