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Views: (1160) | Comments: (1) | 2010-05-26
Added by: McFluff

Have you ever wanned to see a zeppelin in battlefield heroes? Well now you can because Solid Snail has made an awesome video showing have it could look.

Look at it here:

The ghost ship sails here:

Views: (1527) | Comments: (1) | 2010-05-26
Added by: McFluff

Modding round up - 1. Part 1
One of the first texture modding tutorial made by Rigital
The texture modders were stooped pretty fast, now you can still mod textures but they can't be used online.
Check it out here
Battlefield Heroes Modding [1 ... Read more »

Views: (2047) | Comments: (1) | 2010-05-26
Added by: McFluff

A new weapon mod that will replace the royal Thompson gun whit a sten gun.
(Warning: This mod will make Battlefield heroes multiplayer unplayable)A mod that replaces one of the game weapons (the thompson gun) whit a new gun "The sten gun".
Download this mod:Sten gun

Views: (1069) | Comments: (0) | 2010-05-26
Added by: McFluff

A new map mod has been added to file catalog!
A mod that will make the yet to be released map "Fork" playable in battlefield heroes tutorial mod.
Download this mod:

Views: (1441) | Comments: (2) | 2010-05-26
Added by: McFluff

A new map mod has been added to file catalog!
Lowlands a new map for battlefield heroes made by battlefield heroes
development team.Taken from the PTE version of the game
Download this mod:

Views: (1318) | Comments: (0) | 2010-05-26
Added by: McFluff

BFHM_newsWelcome everyone to the new battlefield heroes fan site that specializes in bfh mods.But this is not a site just for modders any one from the battlefield community can come here and just have fun.If you are new to the site go check out the new comers thing it should be on top of this page. Happy modding!
The future.
Hope fully the site will only grow from here, we hope to attract many more modders and any one else who likes mod's or just want's to use the forum to "hang out".We hope that the community will upload many more mods, write tutorials , and just enjoy their stay.
What about now?
Now we are going to fix any bugs, wait for the community to upload new mods and download the ones that we have on site.We will also add new tutorials, add new articles, and inform you about the new things that are happening in the battlefield heroes.

Views: (1104) | Comments: (1) | 2010-05-26
Added by: McFluff

Cradox on the official Battlefield Heroes Forum has with the help of other players created two gigantic projects which he needs support on. Cradox is requesting mugshots for his project and it seems like he is in a need of many mugshots. For further information check his project topics:
The Battlefield Heroes (A Picture)

The Ultimate Mugshot's (A Montage)
... Read more »

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