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Starting to mod part 3

Removing the map bounderies

Open the file "GamePlayObjects" again. We are looking for a line that says Combat area menager. It will look something like this. (note numbers change in different maps.)

CombatAreaManager.use 1
CombatArea.create CombatArea_9_16
CombatArea.min 0.000000/0.000000
CombatArea.max 0.000000/0.000000
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -120.120514/157.514893
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -186.140381/175.858948
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -197.097076/106.811035
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -293.195099/75.875427
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -322.136658/-147.165161
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -23.202209/-420.665771
CombatArea.addAreaPoint 157.316467/-365.467896
CombatArea.addAreaPoint 157.680664/-245.106049
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -37.911865/-23.673950
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -54.984161/45.582886
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -104.145630/147.852417
CombatArea.team 0
CombatArea.vehicles 4
CombatArea.layer 2

CombatArea.create CombatArea_17_16
CombatArea.min 0.000000/0.000000
CombatArea.max 0.000000/0.000000
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -499.422150/160.304077
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -495.212250/-203.261353
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -371.686462/-504.515411
CombatArea.addAreaPoint 219.022705/-500.764404
CombatArea.addAreaPoint 451.695129/-349.213135
CombatArea.addAreaPoint 351.408813/340.346985
CombatArea.addAreaPoint -366.924683/356.763977
CombatArea.team 0
CombatArea.vehicles 5
CombatArea.layer 2

You can do two things here, either replace evey number affter "CombatArea.addAreaPoint" with a zero, or just add a 0 affter "CombatAreaManager.use" (replace the "1" with a "0" dissabling the combat manager). Which is by far the easyest way.

"Unlocking" all clothes, ability's, weapons, and emotes.

Step one would be to open up the "Objects" Folder so lets do that, the objects folder can be found here.


You should back up the zip archive Items_Server, now open the zip file and drag the file called DefaultCustomization.xml in to notepad. Inside you will find this.

  <team id="1"> <!-- national army (germans) --> Name of the faction.
    <kit id="0">    <!-- male commando --> Name of the class.
        <appearance>10;981;979;56</appearance> Clothes, Hats, shirts, and so on.
        <equipment>3002;3014;2141;3155;2005</equipment> Weapons, ability's.
        <emotes>5000;5007;5016</emotes> Emotes, duh.
        <missions>6000</missions> The active mission? Not sure.

Now to make it easy, go to this website http://textmechanic.com/Generate-List-of-Numbers.html
Now, leave the first field as is, in the second field type in 20000, that way when the game updates you wont have to keep a track of the number of items. Now in the field that says Prefix each number with type in " ; " this will make each number begin with ;1. Now leave the final field blank. Now just hit Generate List of Numbers.

Now copy and paste the list you got in to the .xml file. Like so.
If you want the National Commando to have all the emotes, just paste the entire list in between <emotes></emotes> If you want to have all the clothes, just do the same in <appearance>.

Now save everything you just edited, in notepad go save File > Save as.. Leave the name as is, and don't forget to change the Save file type to All files. Save it to for example desktop, now find the file you just saved and drag it in to Items_Server.zip replacing the original file.

Now when you log in to the appropriate character you should have all the things you added.

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