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Forum » Battlefield heroes » Battlefield Heroes moding » .collisionmesh file opner? (quesiton)
.collisionmesh file opner?
PhillyDate: Monday, 2010-06-14, 4:51 PM | Message # 1
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I just installed Blender, because I heard I could use it instead of 3ds max, to open meshes? well I dunno if I took a wrong option, but I can't open the files.
What free program can I use to open them with? since Im working on adding a chopper into BFH, but i can't see if its a Chopper without going into the TUT and check.
Help please smile
Apache_ThunderDate: Monday, 2010-06-14, 6:02 PM | Message # 2
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This web site has a few max scripts. One of which opens the collision files so they can be seen in max:

I used it to update the collision meshes for some of the meshes in my bfheroes mod. However I don't know of any scripts for blender sorry. You can try Gmax. From what I know I think the BF2 tools (in perticular the PoE version) should work fine in Gmax. The collision mesh scripts should run in gmax too, though I haven't used gmax in long time so I can't say for sure.

wakamonkeyDate: Monday, 2010-06-14, 7:18 PM | Message # 3
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i always also wondered how to open collisionmesh

gmax kinda sucks.... i couldnt get bf2 tools to work on it ..

Forum » Battlefield heroes » Battlefield Heroes moding » .collisionmesh file opner? (quesiton)
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