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Technically no, as far as the battlefield heroes rules goes you can be warned or banned for modding the game files, as far as i know no one has yet been banned for these texture or map mods, but if any steps are taken by the battlefield heroes developer team we will try to get as much protection as we can to our users so they can't be banned.

This website is meant to contain map, model or texture mods, no hacks, or "game ruining programs" aren't allowed any one caught of uploading a hack will be banned from the website, because we as many people hate hackers.

No not at all, we We don't want to bring any harm to the game, we just want to have fun modding some stuff in the tutorial, we have no intentions on modding the game so it would give us any advantage in multiplayer of battlefield heroes.

Well first of all we suggest you to not download any mod after it just has been added, we will try to test it to see if it does any harm or will make your multiplayer game unplayable.To fix the problem you will have to reinstall the game.

Any one who adds mods has to add this line in the description (Warning: this mod WILL make the multiplayer unplayable) if he knows that the mod will cause the multiplayer game to not work if he thinks that the multiplayer wont work but he isn't certain add this line (this mod MIGHT make the multiplayer unplayable, so download it at your own risk)  alternately you can add this line if you are 100% sure that it wont effect the multiplayer (this mod WILL not make the multiplayer unplayable). Any one who doesn't fallow the rule above will get warned and if the situation repeats banned.

Have registered but you didn't receive a "confirmation e-mail" And you can't log in? well there might be two solutions to this problem, first one is use the forums without loging in you will be able to reply to topics as a guest, but you wont be able to save any data such as user name, and you wont have authority to access some parts of the forum. The other thing that you can do is register on this method isn't tested but it might work go to and at the upper part of the website you should see the registration link register and you should now get a confirmation email now when you are done you should be able to use any site on the ucoz system, this website including.Just type in the password and email that you entered at the registration.

Because the forum currently has a 200 character post limit, if you need to post something big just make more posts.

No answer to this question yet.

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