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bfeditor for bfh
matthijsDate: Tuesday, 2010-06-29, 3:12 PM | Message # 1
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Hi ,
i found out already how to install the bfeditor without having bf2 or bf2142 (i gonna explain it here)
What do you need?
-bf editor installer
-.reg file,link:
First change in the .reg file the installdir(you can do that whit notepad)
Then run the .reg file
then Run the installer from the editor in Compatability mode from windows xp (if you dont have windows xp)
and then its installed!
But i got a problem with the editor when i try to run it, its say : <file description> doesnt work anymore.
Someone knows how to fix this?

(sorry for my bad english!)

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wakamonkeyDate: Saturday, 2010-07-03, 5:33 PM | Message # 2
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you can install it which i did easly but to make it work.....
WaterflamesDate: Wednesday, 2010-07-07, 5:34 PM | Message # 3
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The problem is that you need specific files from BF2 (or BF2124). I got it to work (With bf2), but it is still very unstable.
Coolio2039Date: Sunday, 2010-11-28, 6:35 PM | Message # 4
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its WAYYYYY to hard to download bfeditor without battlefield 2, i think you should just buy it, it looks like a fun game!

Forum » Battlefield heroes » Battlefield Heroes moding » bfeditor for bfh
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